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Veneers – Federal Way, WA

Transform Teeth in Two Weeks!

How many times have you hid your teeth in pictures or when talking with a friend? If cosmetic dental flaws cause you to feel insecure about your appearance, you do not have to live with the imperfections. Although you may have considered cosmetic dentistry in the past, you do not want to spend months undergoing lengthy or invasive procedures. With our cosmetic dentist Dr. Drew Beaty, you have an alternative solution with porcelain veneers in Federal Way. Now, you can get the drastic results that you want in as little as two appointments.

Why Choose Drew Beaty, DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for Veneers?

  • Durable and Natural-Looking Ceramics
  • Patient-Focused Dental Care and Comfort
  • Sedation Dentistry for an Easier Treatment Experience

What Imperfections do Veneers Correct?

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Porcelain veneers are among one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because they are effective for hiding an array of cosmetic concerns. By attaching thin shells to the front surfaces of the teeth, you will instantly improve their size, shape, and proportion.

They can be used to correct several issues, such as chips, cracks, or abnormally shaped teeth. Often, they are used for those who have dark tooth discoloration that will not respond to traditional whitening treatments. In some cases, veneers can even be used as an alternative to orthodontics by making the teeth appear straighter.

Benefits of Veneers


When compared to veneers made from other materials, many have come to prefer porcelain. It very closely mimics the appearance of your enamel to create natural-looking results. Not to mention, porcelain is stain-resistant, so your new smile will stay white with the right aftercare, like using nonabrasive products.

Veneers Process

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With the use of porcelain, the veneers are thinner than those of the past. As a result, less of the tooth’s structure is removed during the bonding process. This makes the procedure minimally invasive while producing results that can last for as long as 10 years before needing to be replaced.

After your initial consultation, a customized treatment plan is created. During your first appointment, your teeth are cleaned and prepared. This involves removing a small amount of enamel to ensure that they sit flush while also creating a secure bond.

Impressions are then taken to create your custom-made veneers. The dental lab will make them to meet your exact size, shape, and color needs. While you wait for them to be ready, Dr. Beaty will attach temporary ones. In about two weeks, you will return for your final appointment to have the final ones bonded in place.

To protect your investment, it is best to use nonabrasive dental products when brushing or flossing your teeth. Although the veneers are strong, they can become damaged. As a result, it is best to avoid using your teeth as tools or biting on overly hard foods. If one should chip or crack, it can easily be replaced.

Understanding the Cost of Veneers

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Veneers are an incredibly versatile way to fix little imperfections in your teeth. While the cost of veneers in Federal Way tends to be higher than that of other cosmetic dentistry services, the benefits they offer make them worth their weight in gold (or, in this case, worth their weight in porcelain!). When it comes to your smile, it’s always worth investing in a high-quality solution. However, are veneers the right choice for you? Read on as we compare the prices of various treatments designed to improve your smile.

The Cost of Veneers vs. Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options

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Because there are so many ways that teeth can be flawed, there are multiple cosmetic dental services designed to correct them. Each of these treatments comes with its own advantages, purposes, and price ranges. Let’s compare the costs of some of the ways that Dr. Beaty, your cosmetic dentist in Federal Way, can transform your smile:

  • Teeth whitening – As one of the fastest, most dramatic, and most cost-effective ways to brighten discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening is quite popular. However, whitening can only change the shade of your teeth, not their shape or size.
  • Direct bonding – By sculpting a tooth-colored composite resin onto your tooth, Dr. Beaty can easily erase chips, cracks, stains, and more with an affordable solution. Keep in mind, though, that the results of direct bonding do not last very long and will have to be redone every few years.
  • Dental crowns – Like veneers, dental crowns are also made of lifelike porcelain. The main difference is that crowns cover the entire visible part of a tooth, not just the front-facing surface. As a result, they require more enamel removal and are usually more expensive.
  • Veneers – Veneers are far from the cheapest cosmetic dental treatment, but depending on the issues you wish to treat, veneers may offer the best value. For example, they’re more versatile than teeth whitening, provide more durable results than direct bonding, and are less invasive than dental crowns.

How to Make Veneers Affordable

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As with most other cosmetic treatments, veneers typically don’t qualify for dental insurance coverage. Don’t let that deter you, though! We have ways of providing affordable veneers in Federal Way.

Our in-house dental savings plan, for example, is a great alternative to traditional insurance. Rather than having to deal with waiting periods, deductibles, annual maximums, and all of those other inconveniences, our plan is very simple. All you have to do is pay a flat annual fee and you get access to the free preventive care that insurance covers, plus so much more – you get a 15% discount on all services, including veneers.

Another option for paying for veneers is CareCredit, a third-party financier that has helped countless Americans afford their medical and dental care. Based on credit approval, you can split up your treatment costs into smaller monthly installments. Most of these plans have very low or even zero interest rates!

Veneers FAQs

If you’re ready to invest in a picture-perfect smile, it’s normal to have a few concerns before getting started. We understand you’re apprehensive, but there isn’t any reason to fret. Your dentist will explain everything during your initial consultation. In the meantime, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we’re asked about veneers in Federal Way.

Are veneers permanent?

The process of applying veneers to your teeth requires a small amount of enamel to be removed. Since the enamel can’t regenerate, your teeth will be permanently altered, so veneers aren’t reversible. However, they aren’t considered permanent either. Removing some of the outer layer of your teeth will leave them vulnerable. As a result, they will always need to be covered by restorations, whether veneers or crowns.

Is there anything I can’t eat with veneers?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to skip eating your favorite foods. Although veneers are thinner than ever, they are very durable, so you don’t need to worry about any dietary restrictions. While you wait for the dental lab to finish your restorations, your cosmetic dentist in Federal Way will attach temporary ones. Unfortunately, they aren’t as durable as your permanent veneers, so you’ll need to watch what you eat for a couple of weeks. It’s best to avoid hard and sticky foods, as well as those that are darkly pigmented. Although temporary veneers can discolor, your final restorations will be made of porcelain, which is stain-resistant. While you won’t need to avoid darkly pigmented foods and drinks, it’s best to remain cautious when eating anything hard or sticky because your permanent veneers can break or fracture. You’ll also want to limit your consumption of alcohol, which can cause your veneers to lose their bond with your teeth.

How many veneers will I need?

A veneer can be placed on a single tooth; however, the overall goal of the procedure is to improve all aspects of your smile. Therefore, your cosmetic dentist will likely recommend more than one, depending on your treatment plan. This also allows several aesthetic issues to be resolved using one treatment instead of requiring multiple procedures. Generally, they suggest bonding them to the teeth most visible when smiling. You can expect to need 6 to 8, but some patients require 10 to 12, depending on their goals. After assessing your smile and learning more about your concerns, your cosmetic dentist will discuss the number of veneers it will take to revitalize your smile.

Do veneers feel natural?

Modern veneers are thinner than ever, so they won’t feel bulky on your teeth. Although it may take a few days to adjust to them, many patients say they feel completely natural when eating and speaking. Your veneers are custom-made to meet your exact specifications to fit your teeth like a glove. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel to ensure they sit flush. You don’t need to worry about feeling anything protruding to enjoy a smooth, comfortable fit.

Do Veneers Damage Your Teeth?

The process of applying veneers in Federal Way requires a small amount of enamel to be removed. Since your enamel can't grow back, it's normal to have concerns about it damaging your teeth, but there's no reason to worry. Etching your teeth will not ruin them, but they must always be covered by restorations or they can be vulnerable to sensitivity, bacteria, or decay. Thankfully, veneers can last for 10 years or more, so you won't have to worry about budgeting for replacements often.

Can Veneers Get Cavities?

Veneers can't get cavities, but that doesn't mean you can stop brushing or flossing. The exposed surfaces of your teeth are still vulnerable to cavity-causing bacteria. Decay can also occur underneath your veneers. You can keep tooth decay at bay with good oral hygiene at home and regular dental care. It's best to limit your consumption of sugars and starches to reduce your risk of cavities.

Does Teeth Whitening Work on Veneers?

Veneers are made of porcelain, which is stain-resistant, so you shouldn't have to worry about discoloration. However, your underlying teeth can still change color. Teeth whitening is not recommended for people with veneers. It won't have any effect on the color of your restorations and it can weaken the bonding material holding them in place. Your teeth will get whiter, which can cause color inconsistencies that make your veneers more noticeable. Your cosmetic dentist can create a personalized treatment plan to ensure a bright, beautiful smile without damaging your investment.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

The average lifespan of a veneer is about 10 years. However, it's not unusual for them to last for more than a decade with the correct care. Your cosmetic dentist in Federal Way will explain how to get the most from your investment. Use not abrasive dental products to avoid scratching your veneers. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day. Floss between each tooth daily. Schedule a cleaning and checkup with your dentist every 6 months. They'll keep your teeth and gums healthy while checking your veneers at each appointment to ensure they are functioning as intended. Wear an athletic mouthguard if you play sports to protect your pearly whites. Ask your dentist for a nightguard if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will recommend breaking any bad habits that can damage your veneers, like using your teeth in place of scissors or other tools. With the right care, your dazzling results can last for many years.

Get a New Smile Today With Veneers!

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If you are ready to stop feeling insecure about your appearance, it is time to make an investment in your confidence. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for porcelain veneers with Dr. Beaty. He will give you the results you want to smile brightly.