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Savor the Flavor and Spare Your Teeth with These 4 Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Hacks

November 22, 2023

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A family enjoying Thanksgiving with good oral health

It’s the season again to gather around the table with friends, family, and food to share stories and smiles. Thanksgiving is a special time when it seems like every indulgence is on the table. From sugar-laden pies to the expensive wines you’ve been saving for later, delights are the order of the day. If you’re trying to preserve your oral health, it can be especially challenging.

If you want to enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving while keeping your smile bright and healthy, continue reading.

1. Use Water as a Centerpiece

As you set the table for your feast, one thing you can add to keep everyone’s smiles happy is a pitcher of water. Guests can fill up their glasses as they see fit without reaching for the coffee and soda.

Water can act as a mouth rinse, washing away food particles, plaque, and acid. Sipping water throughout your meals is a great way you can stay teeth-friendly without adding extra expense or effort.

2. Limit Added Sugar

Sugar is a nearly inevitable part of your Thanksgiving table. Unless you’re used to catering to someone who is diabetic, there are probably one or two sugary desserts. If you’re trying to watch your oral health, sugar is one of your worst enemies. So, try to limit how much you add to the food you prepare.

Try preparing fruit-based desserts or making things like sweet potato casserole from scratch. This will let you eat healthier by controlling the sugar in each dish. The less sugar overall, the less it will cling to your pearly whites.

3. Refrain from Sticky Starches

The two worst offenders for feeding the bacteria in plaque are sugars and starches. Starch is bad for teeth because it tends to stick to your teeth longer. Potatoes, pasta, bread, cereals—all of these contain starch. It can be difficult not to include a starch with your meals. The trick is to choose the lesser of all evils.

Whole grain bread, brown rice, and bananas are all great starchy alternatives that can be added to your Thanksgiving dishes to limit the stick and save your teeth.

4. Load up the Veggies

If you’re struggling with skipping some of the tasty treats and delectable sides you usually have, there is hope. Balancing your plate with fibrous veggies could be the answer. Broccoli, carrots, celery, and onions all have tooth-cleaning properties in their raw form. Add these to salads or place them out with a bit of yogurt dip for some tasty natural toothbrushes.

Keeping your smile intact on Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a chore. Nor should it take away from the fun of your festivities. These tips allow you to easily make teeth-conscious choices while keeping your meals delicious and fun. Visit your dentist after the feast to get a checkup, you might be surprised how small changes add up to a big smile.

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