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Wearing Invisalign During Halloween: 3 Helpful Tips

October 12, 2023

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Three jack-o-lanterns stacked on top of each other for Halloween

Will you be in the middle of your Invisalign treatment during Halloween? If so, the good news is that your aligners won’t prevent you from indulging in your favorite sweet treats. However, you need to be careful about making the right decisions so that your treatment isn’t disrupted. Below are 3 tips that Invisalign-wearers might find helpful on and after October 31st.

1. Do Not Snack on Candy While You’re Still Wearing Your Aligners

Invisalign aligners will not prevent you from eating any kind of candy that you want. However, before you start snacking, you should first take out your aligners and put them in their protective case. Trying to bite or chew on anything while wearing your aligners is a bad idea. Not only can it easily lead to staining, but the pressure can damage your aligners. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up breaking your aligners altogether, potentially forcing you to have replacements made.

2. Don’t Eat Candy Too Often

Sugary sweets of any kind can lead to tooth decay if you eat them too frequently. On top of that, if you’re constantly taking your Invisalign aligners out for a snack, you probably aren’t wearing them for the required 20 to 22 hours every day – and this can easily throw off your timeline for the treatment.

In short, while snacking on candy every once in a while is generally fine, you need to make sure that you aren’t indulging too often. One way to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your Invisalign treatment on track is to only eat candy during mealtimes when your aligners will be outside of your mouth anyway.

3. Once You’re Done with Your Candy, Clean Your Teeth

When you’re done with your candy, you may assume that the best thing you can do is put your aligners back in immediately. However, keep in mind that there may still be some sugar left in your mouth. With the aligners covering your teeth, your saliva won’t be able to wash away the sugar on your enamel, and as a result, you may be more likely to develop cavities.

No matter what you eat, you should always take the time to clean your teeth afterward. Take a sip of water to rinse potentially harmful food particles out of your mouth, and be sure to brush thoroughly. (It’s typically a good idea to carry a toothbrush and some travel-sized toothpaste with you so that you can brush no matter where you happen to be.)

With the right habits, you will be able to enjoy your Halloween candy while protecting your smile as well as your aligners. Ask your dentist to see if they have any other tips for ensuring the success of an Invisalign treatment.

About the Author

Dr. Drew Beaty has completed all 9 levels of postgraduate education at the Kois Center for Dental Excellence in Seattle, and he completes over 100 hours of continuing education per year. For patients with crooked teeth, he often recommends clear, convenient Invisalign aligners. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Beaty at his practice in Federal Way, visit his website or call (253) 839-6544.

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