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How To Justify a Smile Makeover

April 15, 2024

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Woman deciding between money or teeth

If you have less-than-perfect teeth, you’ve probably thought about giving your smile a makeover at least once. But it can be difficult to justify a cosmetic dental treatment, especially if the economy keeps whisking away your savings.

If you find yourself thinking “it’s not necessary, I can carry on without it,” “I’m not sure the treatment will be worth it,” or “maybe one day when I’m rich,” then keep reading. There’s some valid math magic that will help satisfy the left side of your brain.

Step 1: Count the Cost of Flawless Teeth

The first hurdle in overcoming a guilty purchase involves your budget. We are living in a material world, after all. Rent must be paid and groceries must be bought.

Your compulsive inner calculator will be happy to know that a smile makeover might be more affordable than it thinks. Your dental team also wants you to feel your best, so ask them about payment options. Many offices offer financing through plans like CareCredit, and some have in-house plans that are excellent for frequent visitors. You might not have to break the bank to achieve flawless teeth!

Step 2: Weigh the Health Benefits of a Restored Smile

Did you know that cosmetic dental treatments can positively impact your oral health? If you didn’t, you’re probably wondering how they do that. The short answer is that it depends on the service. Here are just a few examples:

  • Dental veneers will mask the flaws in your teeth, but they’ll also protect your enamel. This can help some patients overcome very sensitive teeth and protect them from future damage.
  • Dental implants fill the gaps in your teeth, ultimately preserving your jaw’s bone mass and preventing it from deteriorating.
  • Invisalign aligners correct crooked teeth, which stops them from exerting undue pressure on your gums and causing uncomfortable complications.

These types of services might not directly influence your oral health in the way that a routine cleaning will, but patients often find they focus more on their dental care and brush more thoroughly to maintain their fabulous new pearly whites. When you’re happy with your teeth, you’ll also smile more freely – and there’s plenty of research to support the health benefits of smiling.

Step 3: Ask Yourself if You Want a Smile Makeover

How often have you felt uneasy getting your picture taken? Have you wondered whether a perfect grin would help you win the subtle art of job interviews?  We don’t often like to think of our appearance as something that affects our daily life, but women especially are constantly bombarded with snap-judgements and lofty image expectations.

The ability to feel comfortable in your own skin isn’t just about snubbing social scoffers (although let’s admit it, that is pretty satisfying), it’s about you. If you want to beautify your teeth, then that on its own is an empowering reason for a makeover!

Just don’t let your excitement make you forget to contact your dentist. They’ll lay out your options, and together you can pinpoint the best route for achieving the smile of your dreams in a way that works for you.

About the Practice

Drew Beaty DDS believes in the transformative power of a beautified smile! Our dentists have a unique set of experiences that ensures the quality of your care, but, more importantly, they prioritize their patients and sympathize with their needs. To learn more about how we can give you a glamorous smile makeover, contact our office at 253-839-6544 or visit our website for our list of services.

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