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Do Dental Implants Set Off Metal Detectors?

June 9, 2022

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woman with dental implants passing metal detectors in Federal Way

Have you replaced any missing teeth with dental implants? With their support, you’ll be able to enjoy fully restored pearly whites for a lifetime! However, if you’re planning on taking a flight soon, you’ll want to ensure the travel process goes as smoothly as possible. You might even be wondering: will dental implants set off metal detectors? Read on to learn how these security devices work and why your restorations won’t cause any problems!

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Metal detectors create a magnetic field around you through a series of pulses. These pulsations form an echo that the machine will turn into a reading. Once metal objects pass through it, the magnetic field creates another one around the item! This process disrupts the natural echo from the pulses, causing a much larger and longer one to occur.

Will Dental Implants Set Off Metal Detectors?

Your dental implants will be constructed out of titanium, which isn’t a magnetic metal. This means they won’t disrupt the pulses created by metal detectors. However, other materials like iron, steel, and nickel can create a disturbance in the magnetic field. For this reason, you should feel confident walking through a security line without your dental implants causing any problems.

Although your restorations probably won’t be picked up by an airport metal detector, you should still keep in mind that the regulations from the U.S Department of Homeland Security aren’t applied globally. Many countries may use a different technology that can read even the slightest trace of metal. If you plan to travel overseas, it’s best to allow yourself plenty of time to get through security. The good news is that you won’t be the only person with dental implants. Should a detector alarm when you walk through it, simply explain that you have them! A pat-down might also be necessary, but you should be able to continue with your planned trip in no time.

Having dental implants shouldn’t be a thing to stress about when planning a vacation. There have been plenty of people with metal restorations, and you won’t be the first or last to have one. But if you still have any concerns about this, feel free to speak with your dentist about what you can expect!

About the Author

Dr. Drew Beaty earned his dental degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. He also regularly seeks continuing education to enhance his skills so he can provide the high-quality care his patients deserve. He offers a vast collection of advanced and comfortable treatments, including dental implants for restoring your pearly whites. If you’d like to know more about traveling with dental implants, feel free to visit our website or call 253-839-6544.

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